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June 1, 2022


Publicly Private

Laying peacefully now, Publicly Private, the name specially, jolted to the mind during a painful time. A time where the uncertainties of homosexuality were at the forefront of life; yet another painful experience blossoming into good, while scraping the pit of the past to the surface. It ignited a thought of outward expression [Publicly] with complex privacy [Private]. To bring you the beginning, we must bring you the past.

It starts with the odd kid out. The one whose differences were targets. A young soul searching for expression constantly faced with mental mutilation. Growing up in the south challenged perseverance. Heteronormative propaganda amounted to a space where venturing as one’s own was secretive and unsafe. Lessons were learned rather than taught. A culture preaching abstinence made for a risky journey. If this little boy had this, maybe the scars wouldn’t be so bad.

The early teenage years were pinnacle. Hormone shifts brought forth new thoughts for exploration. The advancement of technology provided exposures, some safe and some treacherous. There are others out there. The ever desiring acceptance would be achievable. An exit strategy, to a place of freedom, a new beginning, needed to be paved. The holding of breath in fear of an untimely outing could no longer be suppressed.

Written By: 

Kollyn Conrad




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