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At Publicly Private, we believe sustainability is important. Our goal is to build a company with zero carbon and zero waste. Together, we can move the world forward (in more ways than one).

All our packaging is eco-friendly. Everything we ship is created with soy based inks and compostable or recycled materials. Yes, that’s right! Down to the little sticker in the box, we consider the environment.

We’re also doing our part to create sustainability around our offices and fulfillment centers. Using refillable printer cartridges, recycled paper, and other sustainable office supplies helps decrease our carbon foot print.

We encourage you to find ways to be eco-friendly. Recycle those old clothes through donation, send them to a garment recycling company, or have grandma knit a quilt. Become a crafty up-cyler. Carpool karaoke when you can. And, always be thankful for sunny skies!