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The Fear of the Untimely Outing: An LGBTQIA+ Reality

March 29, 2023


Coming Out

It can be a difficult reality to face when you are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. The fear of an untimely outing is a real one and it’s something that affects many people on a daily basis. Recently, Jeff Molina’s bisexuality was exposed for the whole world to see. This type of outing demonstrates the bullying problem that members of the queer community often face. Let's explore how an untimely outing can have a damaging effect on an individual and provide resources for support if it happens.

The Impact of Untimely Outings
It can be difficult to understand what effects untimely outings can have on someone who is not in the LGBTQIA+ community. First, it’s important to remember that coming out is something that should always happen on someone’s own terms and in their own timing. Outing someone before they are emotionally and mentally prepared can be intensely damaging to them, as it may feel like a violation of their autonomy. Additionally, this type of outing has serious health implications as well; research has shown that there is a link between outting and suicide risk in the LGBTQIA+ community due to an increase in anxiety and depression caused by feeling like they have lost control over their identities.

This experience shines a light on the current struggles faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community - although society has made great strides in accepting and embracing individuals regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, there is still so much we need to do to ensure they are living in an environment free from discrimination. Unfortunately, many people still feel uncomfortable about discussing their sexuality or gender identity publicly due to fear of judgment or backlash from family or friends; outting them without their consent only serves to exacerbate this fear.

Ways To Cope With Fear Of An Untimely Outing And Resources For Support
If you are ever feeling scared about being outted before you are ready, there are ways to cope with this fear. Firstly, it's important to reach out for support from trusted friends who can help provide emotional support during these times; leaning on your trusted confidants can help provide comfort during any difficult situation. Additionally, seeking professional help if needed — such as therapy —can also help manage anxiety and other emotions related to being outted prematurely while providing additional resources for support along the way. If you or someone you know is dealing with suicidal thoughts, bullying or harassment due to their sexual orientation, The Trevor Project and PFLAG can offer online resources to support individuals in need. Both organizations provide essential services such as crisis intervention, education and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community.

LGBTQIA+ individuals face unique hardships, like worrying about being outed before they are prepared to do so themselves. Sadly, this fear of an untimely outing can take away from one's self-determination and autonomy. As demonstrated by Jeff Molina’s recent outing experience however, this does not mean that one should remain silent about who they really are – rather it means that when choosing when (and how) one decides to come out should ultimately be up them alone and no one else’s decision but theirs . There are numerous resources available both online and offline for those who may need additional support should they find themselves facing such a situation – remember though that you are never alone in your journey towards self-acceptance!

Written By: 

Kollyn Conrad




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