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The LGBTQIA+ Community Under Attack By Legislation

January 30, 2023



In 2021, the United States saw a record number of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation proposed across the country. These bills range from allowing healthcare providers to refuse service to members of the LGBTQIA+ community to enact laws that would prevent transgender people from participating in certain sports. As we start 2023, it’s clear that this trend has not abated; in fact, it has only grown stronger. Let’s explore some of the bills proposed in early 2023 and discuss how we can fight for equality in our communities.

The scope of these bills is far-reaching. In Montana, there is a bill that would require schools to deny access to restrooms and locker rooms based on gender identity and expression. In South Carolina, two separate bills were proposed that would make it illegal for physicians to provide hormones and puberty blockers for transgender youth as well as prevent transgender people from changing their gender markers on birth certificates. And in Mississippi, there is a bill entitled “Mississippi Fairness Act” which would give businesses the right to deny services to members of the LGBTQIA+ community based on religious beliefs.

These are just some examples of anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation being proposed across the United States; there are many more under consideration at both state and federal levels. This trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, so what can we do? The most important thing we can do is to stay informed by following news sources like Human Rights Campaign or Lambda Legal which report regularly on such issues. We must also contact our elected officials and let them know that we will not stand for any form of discrimination against our community members. Finally, we must continue to show up at protests and events in support of equal rights so that our voices will be heard loud and clear!

The LGBTQIA+ community should never be subjected to discrimination or prejudice but unfortunately, this continues to be an issue across the United States today. Numerous bills are being proposed every year that aim to further limit our rights as citizens – yet despite all this adversity, there is still hope for a better future if we work together towards progress and progressivism rather than regression and intolerance. We must stay informed about current legislation being discussed at local levels as well as take action by contacting our elected officials with our concerns so they understand how deeply passionate we are about protecting our rights. With these efforts combined, hopefully, one day everyone will be able to live freely without fear or judgment no matter who they love or how they identify themselves!

Written By: 

Kollyn Conrad




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