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Celebrate Pansexual Pride Day: December 8th

December 8, 2022



Every day is a good day to celebrate your sexual identity, but December 8th is a special day to recognize the many identities that fall under the Bi+ umbrella. Pansexuality is an orientation where those who identify with it are attracted to all genders, sexes, and orientations. This can include transgender and gender-fluid identities as well. On Pansexual Pride Day, we take the time to celebrate this orientation and bring awareness about the issues faced by those who identify as pansexual.

What Does It Mean To Be Pansexual?
Pansexuality is an emerging sexual orientation that is becoming more widely accepted. It is defined as “the potential for sexual attraction, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward people of any gender or sex”. In other words, someone who identifies as pansexual can be attracted to anyone regardless of gender identity or sex. This means that they can be attracted to men, women, non-binary individuals, transgender individuals, etc.

Issues Faced by The Pansexual Community
Like any other minority group, pansexuals face discrimination and prejudice from both within and outside of their community. As society becomes more aware of different sexual orientations, everyone must understand that being pansexual isn’t just about being attracted to two different genders — it’s about being attracted to an entire spectrum of genders and orientations. Unfortunately, this understanding isn’t always present in our society which can lead to discrimination against those who identify within this community.

How You Can Promote Awareness About Pansexuality
There are many ways you can show your support for the pansexual community on Pansexual Pride Day (and every day!). One way is by educating yourself about various gender identities so that you can better understand how someone may experience attraction differently than you do. Another way is by speaking out against discrimination when you see it happening around you or even online; showing your support can make a big difference in how people perceive those who identify differently from them! Finally, don’t forget to support local businesses owned by members of the LGBTQIA+ community—their success will help promote acceptance of all sexual orientations!

On Pansexual Pride Day (December 8th), let's take a moment to appreciate all forms of attraction and celebrate our differences! We should strive towards creating an accepting environment where everyone feels safe enough to express their true selves without fear of judgment or persecution. Let's continue working together until everyone feels free enough from prejudice so we can build a world where we can love whomever we want without fear of repercussions or discrimination based on our sexuality. By raising awareness about this issue, we can create real positive change in our communities! Let's make sure that everyone knows that no matter what label they decide for themselves – they are valid and loved! Happy Pansexual Pride Day!

Written By: 

Kollyn Conrad


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March 20th 2023

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