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The True Meaning of Pride

August 29, 2022



Pride is more than just a parade or a festival. It's a movement that has been fought for and earned by the LGBTQIA+ community. Pride is about visibility and empowerment. It's about being unapologetically yourself and standing up to discrimination and hate. Let's explore the true meaning of pride.

For LGBTQIA+ people, pride is about celebrating our identities and being proud of who we are. It's about recognizing the progress that has been made but also remembering the struggles that we have faced in the past. Pride is a time to come together and celebrate our community, while also fighting for equality and acceptance.

Pride is important because it helps us to build solidarity and strength within our community. It reminds us that we are not alone and that we can fight back against discrimination and bigotry. Pride is a symbol of hope and progress, and it gives us the courage to continue fighting for justice and equality.

What are your favorite memories from pride this past June? Leave them in the comments below.

Written By: 

Kollyn Conrad


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March 20th 2023

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