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Reviewing Essential Books on Queer Wellness

April 3, 2023


Mental Health

Living in a society that often only recognizes binary gender identities can be challenging for those who don’t feel like they fit in the prescribed mold. Gender identity and expression are deeply personal topics, and it can be overwhelming to navigate these issues alone. Thankfully, there are resources available, including books, that can guide individuals in their journey towards self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance. Let's Explore several books about queer wellness and mental health that provide valuable insights and practical advice for those who are looking to navigate their gender identity and expression with confidence.

Queer Wellness: Living Whole and Healthy from Within by Tami W. Goldstein: Goldstein’s book offers a holistic approach to wellness by considering all aspects of a person's life, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The book is particularly helpful as it focuses on self-care methods that keep the outside world at bay and encourages people to engage in healthy relationships, healthy lifestyles, and healthy boundaries with friends, family, and colleagues. Queer Wellness provides practical advice for folks struggling with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues and is a valuable guide for anyone seeking to attain and maintain a positive self-image.

Gender Inclusive Wellness: A Guide to Cultivating Radical Self-Love by Kat Blaque: In Gender Inclusive Wellness, Blaque presents methods for individuals to learn to love and accept themselves beyond the binary. Throughout the book, Blaque shares personal experiences and lessons learned in navigating their own gender identity and provides tools for readers to use in their own journeys towards radical self-love. The guide is particularly relevant for queer POC and trans individuals, though it is a valuable read for anyone looking for guidance on self-acceptance and self-love.

Queering Wellness in a Binary World by Dr. Kira Sloane: Focusing on a holistic approach to wellness, Sloane provides strategies for those who are struggling with personal and societal barriers that prevent them from living their lives unapologetically. She provides valuable insights on issues that include coming out, dealing with dysphoria, and managing mental health conditions that are common among non-binary individuals. Through Queering Wellness, Sloane offers practical tools for individuals to take control of their well-being and embrace who they are, regardless of the expectations society places on them.

Thriving in the Margins: Integrating Wellness Practices into Queer Activism by Samantha Paige: One of Paige’s core arguments in Thriving in the Margins is the intersection of queer activism and wellness. She argues that in a society that discriminates against queer folks, self-care and mental health are even more important. Finding strategies to integrate wellness practices into queer activism is essential in creating a supportive and resilient community. The guide offers practical tools for individuals to thrive in marginalizing environments and foster a sense of belonging in queer communities.

Reflections on Queering Mental Health: Exploring Non-Binary Experiences in Care by Micah Liss: Liss brings a unique perspective to the table as he discusses the intersection of mental health care and non-binary experiences. In the book, Liss provides insight into the challenges non-binary individuals face regarding mental health care and offers strategies for individuals to advocate for their needs when seeking care. Reflections on Queering Mental Health is essential reading for anyone struggling to navigate the healthcare system and for healthcare professionals seeking to provide inclusive mental health care.

Queer, Trans & Intersex Health & Wellbeing: An Intersectional Approach by kt shamash: This guide covers a range of topics, from safe sex practices to navigating hormone replacement therapy, prosthetics, and other gender-affirming services. shamash provides insightful chapters on mental health, emotional well-being, and self-care practices that trans, queer, and intersex individuals can use to cultivate a healthy and fulfilling life. The book’s intersectional approach and focus on the empowerment of marginalized communities make it a valuable contribution for those who intersect multiple identities within the queer community.

Empowering Non-Binary Narratives in the Mental Health Space by Xochi Josefina Burleigh-Johnson: Burleigh-Johnson’s book provides practical advice for non-binary individuals looking to empower themselves in a mental health care system that often does not understand their unique experiences. In the guide, Burleigh-Johnson shares their own journey in navigating the healthcare system, as well as offering strategies for individuals to advocate for themselves and find affirming care. Empowering Non-Binary Narratives is an essential resource for individuals struggling to navigate mental healthcare and mental health professionals working with the non-binary population.

How to Find LGBTQIA+ Friendly Mental Health Services and Resources Near You by Kirstin Fawcett: Fawcett’s guide provides a practical framework for individuals to find inclusive mental health care and resources in their local area. The book offers insight into what to look for in a therapist, how to find community support groups, and tips for advocating for yourself when seeking care. The guide is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to find high-quality mental healthcare with providers who understand the unique challenges of queer individuals.

Talking Queerly About Mental Health by Anne Philpott examines the ways in which gender norms can hinder mental health care for queer individuals and offers strategies to create inclusive pathways to care. Drawing on personal experience and research, Philpott discusses the intersection of gender identity and mental health, exploring topics such as sexuality, gender roles, and cultural norms. The guide provides insight into how to foster a sense of belonging in queer communities and offers practical tools for individuals to thrive in marginalizing environments.

The Power of Radical Visibility and Expression for Non-Binary Folx by Ebony Gayer explores how non-binary individuals can use visibility and expression as a source of power. Gayer delves into the importance of understanding and embracing one's own identity and offers strategies to create a sense of belonging in queer communities. Through examples from interviews and personal stories, Gayer provides insight into the power of visibilty and expression for those who occupy non-binary identities. The guide is an important resource for individuals seeking to create a sense of community within queer spaces.

Navigating gender identity and expression can be challenging, but books about queer wellness and mental health can be valuable resources for individuals seeking guidance throughout their journey. Each of the books we discussed provides valuable insights into different aspects of queer wellness and can help individuals cultivate a sense of belonging, acceptance, and confidence. We hope that this overview provides an idea of what each book has to offer and inspires you to explore further as you navigate your own gender identity and expression with confidence.

Written By: 

Kollyn Conrad




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